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  • Goowell has All USB Cables with Lightning Connectors with different outer shape, material, cable length, and custom logos for your choice
  • CE/FC/RoHS certified Lightning Cables 
  • Apple Cable Supplier for manufacturing quality guaranteed Apple cables according to your demands

Apple Lightning Cables Introduction from Goowell

USB is the abbreviation of “Universal Serial Bus”, it’s a cable with two ends to charge and transfer data among mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other power devices with USB connectors within a certain distance. Currently, IOS Lightning and Android USB C are the most popular connectors for USB Cables.

To Lightning Apple Charge and data cables, normally one end is the Lightning connector and the other end is with other connectors like USB A, USB B, Mini B USB C, OTG and Other brands of Terminal and Housing to make your Apple devices using IOS systems to work, to charge, to transfer data and sync wherever you go.

Our wholesale lightning cables will not have pop-ups and sync issues when you are using IOS System devices.

Apple Iphone Accessory

Our range includes:

  • All cable lengths from short to long, hence you could see what distance you need to connect with the device you are going to use or could send you in packs 
  • 5V1A normal chargers or 18W PD Fast Chargers to ship together with Lightning Cables as a set  if you prefer
  • TPE/PVC/Soft Silicone/Teflon/PU Leather or other materials if you need them durable, flexible, or use under high-temperature conditions 
  • Your OTG/Earphone/Adapter and other related apple’s  accessories supplier
  • Black/White/Pink/Blue/Purple/Grey/Gold, all colours you are thinking are here for wholesale lightning cables 

It seems a manufacturing process for a USB cable looks simple, but actually, the manufacturing process is really a lot and complicated in order to get a high-quality cable from production preparation to final product shipment.

You could see our USB Cables manufacturing process and find out that 90% of processes are made by machine to ensure quality and efficiency.

Send us an email, we could send you 2pcs free iPhone Charge Cables Samples for your testing for the ones we have in stock

Ready to ship order is also acceptable with small batches, the shipment could be made within 15 days after getting your order.

Many more are not listed here, please visit www.szgoowell.net/products for more you like.

Here are some pictures for your checking:

What Products from Goowell For Apple Lightning Accessories

I. Wholesale Apple Chargers – Total Three Types of Apple Charges for Your Choice

Apple Charge Update HIstory

  1. In the year 2007, the 1st Generation iPhone launched, it uses30 PIN charging port, so the charger has this 30pin male connector too, it supported 5V1A (5W) charge, the current is the only 1A, but it occupies so much space
  2. So from iPhone 5, the connector changes from 30 Pin to current 8 pins, it has small size, reversible plug, pins are in gold color and attends MFi certification system, but still, the charge output is still 5V1A (5W)
  3. From iPhone 6 plus, the connector is 8pin with gold color, same as iPhone 5, and the charge output upgrades to 2.1A(10.5W)
  4. Start from iPhone 8, Apple uses PD Fast Charge, support 2.4A(12W) and PD Fast Charge, also wireless charge, however, please pay attention that the fast charge PIN chip color is silver.
So what is the suggestion on how to choose your Apple Charger with a good price and suitable effect?
  1. iPhone is 6 or under 6, and old version iPad, then 5V1A (5W) Charger will be enough
  2. iPhone 7Plus or under it, choose 2.1A(10W) Charger is sufficient, so choose 5V2.1A power bank
  3. For iPhone 8 or above and the newest iPad,  please use PD fast charger 18W, we don’t suggest you to use more than 18W charger to charge iPhone 8 or above devices, like 65W or 100W, because even if you use a higher watt charger, the output is still 18W, so it will be a waste of money.

II. Wholesale Apple Lightning Cables(normal speed Apple Lightning Cable + PD Fast Charging and data transfer cables-How to choose your favorite Apple Lightning Cables

  • Cable Outer Material, normally the main material in the market are PVC, TPE, Nylon Braiding, Fabric Woven, Fluid Extra Silicone, and maybe more will be used in the future. All materials are eco-friendly, so please be rest assured to use them. TPE has a round shape and flat shape, depend on your needs, normally very soft with smooth hand feel, and extremely safe; PVC is a little bit harder, but the cost is lower and more strong, Nylon Braiding is durable and not easy to be knotted, Fabric woven are covered with cloth, it looks very elegant and hand feel is good too. The soft silicone material is very flexible and the bending feature is strong and the touch is really smooth like cotton.
  • Choose suitable connectors, if you need a normal speed charge, then USB A to Lightning gold Pin connectors is fine, if your iPhone is 8 or above, please use USB C to Lightning Silver Pin connectors
  • Choose cable length you need, normally 1 meter (3 foot) is the most popular cable length in the market since it’s a very safe distance to use at home or office and charge or data transfer speed will be stable too,  but you could just tell Goowell what cable length you need, we will make a custom length for your needs.
  • See what function you need, if need only charge function, then the inner core normally is 2 and could charge only, the outer diameter is relatively thinner,  if you need to have both charge and data transfer function, the inner cores will have 4 cores and the outer diameter is thicker, and for PD fast cable, it will have 5 cores inside.
In summary, please think above 3 points together and then choose the suitable one to purchase. Goowell support OEM USB Cables too, welcome to inquire from us for more details.
Goowell produces all of them for your selection, just tell us what you need.

III. Wholesale Apple Lightning Headphone/Earpod Adapters

Introduction for different kinds of Apple Lightning Headphone Adapters

Goowell has the following types of Lightning Headphone/Earpod Adapters for your store sales

  1. 3.5mm to Lightning adapter, if your customer wants to use it with a 3.5mm headphone or earphone, or a U shield release from the bank, then it’s a good choice, we have both MFi certified (support phone calls as soon as plug into iPhone socket) and non-certified with high copied 3959 chip (no pop-up and could upgrade automatically but need to add a Bluetooth function if needs to make phone calls)
  2. 3.5mm socket + Lightning adapter, convenient for users who have a 3.5mm socket headphone and plug into iPhone connector to listen to music and charge phone at the same time, if want to achieve phone call function with a just plugin, then MFi certified adapter is a must, otherwise, the Bluetooth function must be added on that one too.
  3. Dual Lightning socket adapter, suitable for users have LIghtning connector headphone, then they could use it to listen to music and charge at the same time, very comfortable to use it
  4. Dual 3.5mm sockets + 1 lighting socket adapter, currently live broadcast is very popular around the world, so we have this adapter launched, Goowell used the original Apple chip to integrate onto the PCB board to make it Charge + Listen to music + Insert Sound card for the live broadcast.
  5. Goowell now is developing a new one, USB A female or USB C Female to Lighting male adapter to support phone calls and OTG function,  in case some special customers have a USB A male or USB C male headphone and want to connect with iPhone for phone calls, their headphone must have Bluetooth connector.
    Goowell will keep you posted about any new Apple Lighting Headphone Adapters promote into the market.
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