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Goowell, to be the proficient USB lead manufacturer, know how to custom and factory sells all kinds of USB wires by customer’s needs.

Make the specific cable you want, and Goowell will arrange shipment to you as arranged!
The Make-Your-Own USB Cable is fully custom-made. You choose all the features you need or not need for a customized cable like outer jacket material, current, voltage, connector type, colors, strain relief types, etc. Goowell will make them accordingly and 100% test for conductivity, size measurement to conform with your requirements.

For further information you need, please check with Goowell’s support team for better communication.

Product Name: USB 3.0 AM to AF Extension Cable with Nut

Wire Gauge: 24+28AWG OD: 6.0mm

Blue Color with PE inner moulding and PVC outer jacket

Length: 0.6m – 3.0 m(45g-152g)

Application for: It can be used to extend a USB3.0 standard A-type female port from the device end, and fix it on the panel with screws to facilitate the plugging and unplugging of peripheral devices when the USB3.0 female port is required for long-term fixed use.

In order to meet with the connecting cable DIY(Do It Yourself) market trend, wee developed this USB3.0 extension cable, which could be mounted and fixed on the panels, and we used regular M3 standard-sized nut for your convenience.

The cable itself meet with USB3.0 industry standard, 9 cores tinned copper conductor with multi-layered signal shielding to ensure more stable and effective signal transfer; connectors are high-quality metal material with Nickle plated workmanship to improve the anti-oxidation feature, gold plated for 3u thickness on the inserts of connectors make sure longer plug and unplug life and smaller resistance.

All cables are 100% tested for electricity functions with high-speed data transfer, make sure reliable quality to each customer.

Goowell could make for you

Continuously Updating

USB 2.0 to other USB connector cables

USB 3.0 to various types of USB connector cables

USB C to any terminal and housing or connectors cables

For the use as an extension cable, a printer cable, a phone charger cable, a gaming cable, a data transmission cable, a hard disk cable, a mouse cable, an electric devices cable, PCB board connecting cables.

All you could think of are could be made by Goowell.

And many more, welcome to check with Goowell for any custom cable you need to fit with your devices.

5 Steps you need to do for your Custom USB Cable Order

All Cables assemblies we offer are typically RoHS and REACH agreeable.

All customized cables are tested for conductivity, bending, torque, salty, pull out force, and other extensive testings.

Samples could be sent before mass production orders and the sample charge could be refunded once get your production order.

1)Describe the cable connectors

Both Ends on each cable, please describe what connectors you need(USB A, USB B, Mini B, Micro B, USB C, and others, or terminal + Housing from JST, Molex, and more)

2)Tell us the cable material

Cable detailed with cable standard(normally UL), Wire Gauge, finished outer diameter No.of inner cores, outer jacket material, plastic hardness degree, etc.

3)Decide the Cable Length

Normally cable length is calculated excluding the connectors for both tips with some tolerance. If the cable is too long, the feature may affect, so Goowell with confirming with you in advance.

4)Confirm Additional Parts

If you need to shield the signal to filter the unnecessary noise or interferences, then a magnetic ring is needed. And in order not to break your wires easily if you need to move or cut the cable often, add SR with different size

5)Custom Logo or Pack

The default pack is 100pcs in a PE bag if the cable is short, or each piece in an OPP bag, in this way to save freight cost. Custom packing and Lazer printing logo is also acceptable, please specify your demand and send us relevant artwork

Suitable Customized USB cable

High quality and certified supplier who can stand North America, U.S., and Canada regulations. 

Custom USB Cable


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