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As an authorized MFi Certified Lightning Cable Factory in China,

Delija (Brand: Feidou) provides 100% true MFi certified lightning cables!

MFi Certified Apple Lightning Cables apply a charge and data transmission functions and other features to support Apple Devices without any IOS system upgrade for not working issues.

Rest assured to purchase from Delija by either using Delijia PPID or you could let us create one for your own.

Customers or end-users could not trace if one factory belongs to Apple MFi certified factory list or not by checking PPID only, so we recorded a video showing you what’s the Apple portal interface look like.


Questions on how to sell MFi Data Cables

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Q: For MFi cable do I get any certificate or any documentation so just in case If apple asks for it?

A: The authorized MFi Licensee will prepare an authorization letter for the company who sells MFi Apple Lightning products.

Q: If I want to sell MFi Apple products, how could I sell it?

A: First, you need to find the product you are going to sell, then check with the MFI licensed manufacturer gets the PPIDor not, please yes, just place an order and sell by using manufacturer’s PPID.

Q: If I need to sell MFi Products by using my own brand, is that possible?

A: Yes, for sure first you need to have a brand of your own, then you need to ask the MFi Licensed manufacturer to apply a PPID for your brand, and in the last step you could start your own brand to sell the Apple accessories.

Supplier from China

4 Reasons For Choosing Us – Best MFi Certified Cable Manufacturer in China

Professional MFi Certified Lightning Cable Factory in China

Strong Ability in Everything for Manufacturing MFi Certified Cables

  • ISO 9001 Quality Control System to Make Sure Quality Oriented in every staff’s mind
  • Become supplier and you could find us on the apple MFicertified lightning cable list from the year 2019
  • The Made for iPhone lightning cables we manufactured are colourful, durable with high quality 
  • Applied Apple Lightning Cable PPID for you so you could sell in Amazon and other B2C platforms by using your brand, or you could sell our brand too
  • Improve performance on MFi Cable to Ensure same or better quality than Genuine Apple lightning cable
  • OEM/ODM orders are warmly welcome, just provide us with your ideas and you will find it come true easily to get profit for Genuine Apple Lightning Cable Wholesale

    Us – Best MFi Certified Cable Manufacturer in China

MFi Apple Certified Data Cable Wholesale

MFi Apple Means Same or better Quality As Genuine Apple Lightning Cables Supplier

Apple Approved Program and Item to Produce for Genuine Apple Lightning Cable Wholesale

  • Goowell’s MFi Apple Certified Cables, Adapters, Earpods are made from identical or better electrical components, materials and workmanship with Apple’s own branded Apple lightning products. 
  • If you see an MFi logo on any products, it means the products passed the strict tests from Aple Inc. designated laboratory for all kinds of projects like bending, pullout, sound quality, safety etc. to meet with the best standards to make sure the products you are using has the best compatibility and usage life for your iPhone/iMac devices. They are the best MFi Certified Apple Products.
MFi Certified Data Cable Manufacturer

Core Factor – Apple Approved Original Lightning Connector for MFi Lightning Cables

Authorized MFi Manufacturing Licensees


  • Only Apple MFi Certified Licensees are allowed to purchase and produce Apple Certified Connectors to produce qualified lightning cables etc.
  • You could check from Apple official websites for all certified MFi certified factories and manufacturers.
  • Goodwell’s MFI Certified Lightning Cables all used original connector, like C89 in USB A to Lightning Data Cable, C94 for PD fast charge USB C to Lightning Cable, C100 for 3.5mm to Lighting Adapter and Earphones Etc with perfect Compatibility for all Apple devices and no pop-up window for the warning will appear. If you are using adapter and earphones, you could listen to music and make phones calls too (non-MFi certified adapter and earphone couldn’t make them make calls).
  • Goodwell’s MFi Certified Apple Lightning Cables could ensure your Apple devices conveniently and always in-sync with these useful accessories. So please purchase from us for Genuine Apple Lightning Cable Wholesale. 
MFi Apple Certified Data Cable Wholesale

MFi Lightning Cable Material

Multiple Cores With Alu Foil, Braiding, Anti-pull Fiber, Metal Shielding Cover… All to protect your wires with the strongest durability

  • Left Pictures shows Goowell’s PD Fast Charge C to Lightning Cable inner structure for the cables used for Apple MFi Certified Lightning Cables. 
  • Its cables inside are four-core three grounds high-quality Tinned copper wires, plus Aluminum Shell, Braided Metal Mesh and Anti-pull out Fiber Silk, outer material with High-Density TPE to ensure thousands of times bending and current. 
  • The Apple MFi Certified Connector is covered with a metal shell to avoid signal leakage. This will enhance charging & data transfer speed of the cables, same fast charging time with Apple Original Own Cables while keeping your device completely safe.

MFi Certified Data Cable Manufacturer

Reasons to Choose MFi Apple Certified Cable

Many customers prefer to buy cheap because they think cables are used for charge only, hence many people prefer to use copied lightning connectors, but the damage is actually much more than what you think.

Copied Lightning cables aren’t manufactured with the same standard as

Apple MFi certified cables, so they are much easier to work in the wrong position and even worse to make your IOS Apple facilities defective. The worst situation is your Apple device be hijacked by hackers because you use non-MFi certified lightning cables.

Released by Apple Inc, you may find out the following problems if you are using a copied Lightning cable:

  • The USB and Lightning Connector fall or break off easier, or get hot when charge or sync
  • Window Pop-up ” this device doesn’t support your iPhone/iPod/iMac”  etc. and then the cable work neither charging nor data transmitting
  • Your IOS device will have damage, mostly for your battery part

Definition and Importance of MFiApple launched its Made for iPod, iPhone, iMac(MFI) certification program in the year 2005 to make sure that all accessories and chargers would work correctly with the original dock connectors. This program has lasted for many years and now it’s a common standard to make sure all lightning cables be made according to the exact same level as Apple’s original lightning cables, no any cutting corners or poor quality hardware are allowed.

MFI means Made for iPhone/Ipad/iPod, and only MFI certified Lightning cables, which will ensure your IOS devices work properly, other cables may cause defect on your expensive devices.

How to Purchase an MFi Certified Lightning Cable

MFi certified lightning cable will have a colour box outside or a tag attach to each cable since Goowell an MFi certified lightning cable manufacturer, you could check from this list for the one we produced and get the result here: https://mfi.apple.com/account/accessory-search

Here is the video to show you how to check an authorized MFi manufacturer and check the originality of an apple product:

Furthermore, Apple Inc. MFi certified Lightning cables must have small texts printed on the cable that as below shown:

Designed by Apple in California(design origin) Assembled in xxx( manufacture country origin) xxxxxxxxxxxx (serial number for 12 or 13 digits)

If above information don’t appear on the cable or outer packaging, then most probably it’s a high copied cable.

If you still have doubts about the Apple MFi certified Lightning Cables, please check with us for more details. Please chat with me for live chat or send email to : jennyxcy2008@gmail.com for more information.

As an MFi certified lightning cable manufacturer, we will continuously produce the best quality Apple Lightning cables for all valuable customers.

Brief Introduction for the current Apple-certified lightning cables we currently have will continue update

MFi Certified Lightning Cable Wholesale – check the PPID with Feidou

  • Lightning Headphone Earpods
  • USB C to Apple Lightning PD Fast Charge and Data Sync Cable
  • USB A to Apple Lightning Charge and Data Transmission Cable
  • Lightning Male to 3.5mm Female Headphone/Earpod Adapter

TPE Material or Nylon Braided Material or Apple Original Similar Material Depend on your needs.

USB Data Cable Manufacturing Process

Outline for The Whole Manufacturing steps

  1. Definition of USB – USB is defined as an acronym that stands for Universal Serial Bus which is a type of computer port that can be used to connect equipment to a computer. An example of a USB is the interface used to upload pictures from a digital camera to a compute

2. USB Wire Harness Construction

  • Inner Cores of Wire- Normally have 4 cores inside a cable, 2 cores for current, the other 2 cores for data transmission. Currently, USB C to USB C without Emarker chip needs -6 cores or much more up to 20 cores to get very high-speed data transmission, inner cores are made by pure copper for its good conductivity, some will be coated with tin to get better anti-oxidation result 
  • Outer Plastic Material – Now the main outer material for cables is TPE, PVC, Nylon Braided, and now fluid extra-soft silicone wire launched. 
  • Connector –Most used material of the connectors on cable’s two ends are brass, or zinc-alloy as we called. Most of them are nickel-plated with gold plated for inside pins for better plug-in and off strength.

3. USB Cable Manufacturing Process

  • Step 1: Cutting the Cables
  • Step 2: Wire Striping to expose the wire inner cores to prepare for soldering
  • Step 3: Solder Each exposed inner cores with different connectors like USB A to Micro, Lightning, USB C and Others. 
  • Step 4: Plastic Shell Injection for Inner Mold and Outer Mold 
  • Step 5: Glue Metal Cover to Plastic Cover (some USB Cable will skip this step since some cables need plastic injection mould only)
  • Step 6: Product Testing 
  • Step 7: Appearance Checking 
  • Step 8: Wire Tying 
  • Step 9: Put USB Cables into Master Carton Box and Ready for Shipment 

USB Cable Manufacturing Process Detailed Introduction

USB Cable and Wire Hraness Testing Devices

  • The finished MFi Certified USB data cable, USB C Data Cable, Micro Cables are all processed in the factory with many procedures
  • Management requirements are very strict
  • The selection of raw materials is also very important, if the selection of good materials, of course, the cost is relatively expensive,
  • Strict specification of fine USB cable factory production process, make the cable quality is very good, long service life.
  • That’s why for the same products, there are cheap ones and expensive ones for sale.
  • A lot of data cables are cheap because the production process is simple and the materials used are cheap and low-end, so the data cable will be easily broken 

USB Cable Wire Cutting – By Semi Wire Cutting Machine

The first step is to cut the wire, normally cables come in 100M/200M/300M or more in rolls, but you need different USB cable length like 1M, 2M, 1.5M, shorter or longer, so in the first step, we need to cut the wires according to customer’s order. In order to improve working efficiency, we don’t use to cut the wire by hand to avoid incorrect measurement and manual mistakes, hence we use the automatic wire cutting machine to cut the wire into different lengths automatically.

Wire Cutting Machine

USB Cable Wire Stripping to expose inner cores – By Semi Wire Stripping Machine

The 2nd Step is to peel off the outer cover of the cable to expose the inner cores, during this period, to be careful not to tear off any necessary inner cores, they will be used for soldering with connectors. We also use the Semi wire stripping machine to avoid manual mistake and the cores will be exposed neatly for the next step. Sure before send to the next process workers, the stripping workers must twist a thread tightly, not loose, so the soldering machine could make the solder job much easy.

USB Cable Solder Inner Cores to Connector –By Automatic Soldering Machine for USB Cables

Automatic wire soldering machine

The third step is to solder the USB A male and other connectors, sometimes only USB C to C or other Connectors too since USB C connector is more and more used and accepted in market Goowell data cable factory all use Automatic Soldering Machine to solder the two ends connectors, but manual iron soldering USB connectors are also necessary sometimes after we find poor soldering if any.

USB Cable Plastic Connector Outer Plastic Shell Injection By Automatic Injection Machine

The fourth step is to mould the connectors inner mould and outer mould together( but some will do mould outer mould, so one time is just enough, for example, using TPE material is generally moulded once), the reason why to do inner mould injection of the USB connector, is to get more secure contact with better stability, there will not be broken connectors, and they will not easily damage.

Injection Machine

USB Cable Automatic glue dispensing machine –By Automatic Injection Machine

For more stylish and better looking on cables, besides cable material, colours, mainly you like the design of connectors. So that’s why besides plastic shell, we need to add one more layer of metal shell onto it. In order to achieve that, we need to put glue on the plastic cover side to stick the metal case, but we’ve heard a lot of complains from you that the metal covers are easily drop off, that’s why Goowell decided to use automatic glue dispensing machine to stick both shell and metal cover more strongly because the glue could be dipped into all corners and evenly into each area human eyes couldn’t notice.

Automatic Glue Dripping Machine

USB Cable Manufacturing Process – Testing

After all above 5 steps are done, the USB cables are finished products, then the sixth step and very important one is to test their conductivity to check if USB cable has power input, the data could be transferred, or if with Emarker Chip for USB C to USB C 100W Cables, we need to check the IC could be found or not.

Good Finished USB Wires could meet the required testing methods. If not, the wires are defective, so they are unqualified USB cables, we need to mark each cable a label by mentioning “defective” and then put them into the defective group, later the technician will find the exact problem on each cable, and repair team will step in to fix the problems. Sometimes it will be the supplier’s incoming material defective or problems that occur in any manufacturing process. We will not allow any defective cable to flow to the market, all cables are 100% inspected.

Manufacturing Process

USB Cable Manufacturing Process – USB Cable Appearance Checking

This step must be inspected by human eyes for each USB Cable

How to Check the appearance

1.Connector Placement, good quality connectors are 90 degrees placement, the terminal will not be tilted,

For the Connector plastic injection,

  1. Check the joint between connector and wire to see whether there is a batch of sharp, burrs, or some parts don’t have enough plastic injected
  2. If there is a metal shell covered on plastic connectors, the inspector needs to see whether the connection is solid, whether there is glue leaking out,
  3. Cable Body, to check whether the line is dirty, especially the white colour line is most susceptible to have dust, there will be obvious small black dots in the above

How to deal with defective cables:

If see leakage of glue or dust, workers on the spot will use alcohol poured on a rag to wipe the overflow glue or small dust,

For other defective cables, they will be put into the bad product area waiting for further processing.

USB Cable Tie to Different size, shape –This step could be done by automatic tie machine

Cable Coil Machine

In general, customers have different requirements for the USB cable packaging box
1) OPP bags, a transparent plastic bag in neutral or with customer’s logo, address etc.
2) Small carton boxes – same, neutral small box without any printing or with customer’s details
3) Plastic Tray- that’s for bulk customer’s requirement, we use a plastic tray, each cable just needs to be coiled and fit into each lattice of the tray
We’ll adjust the machine, roll the wire into an oval or round coil, and then tie the coil tightly in a knot with a tie or with velcro, etc.


MFi Certified Data Cable Wholesale

feidou – MFi Certified Data Cable Introduction 

As a certified Apple MFi Manufacturer, for every product, we use Original Apple Chip, Original Workmanship to ensure same or better quality with Apple Lightning Cable

Many fashionable designs but conform to Apple, UL, and USB-IF quality standards.

Pay great attention to make reinforced SR for longer life and more durable Apple Lightning cable

Certified MFi manufacturer, produce cables to support IOS devices without any pop-up issues and with outstanding performance

Multi-layer shielding to protect the signal loss and better Lighting Connector bending times

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