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Top Qualified USB Cable and wire harness far beyond industry standards. Follow strictly with all quality requirements for each cable we produce.

USB Cable Factory

Goowell Takes Care of Your Every USB Cable Product We Manufacture

USB Cable Manufacturer CE/FC/RoHs Certified Supplier– Custom USB Cable Factory

We Focus on R&D and Cherish Every USB Cable We Produce

Each season, our design team will make a new shell outlook, injection and metal alloy cover with different shapes with a nice design to meet with your high aesthetic vision.

We Choose Reliable Qualified UL Cable Material, Micro/Lighting/ USB C/HDMI/RTX /3.5mm Jack and many more connectors suppliers to produce them for you. And then according to ISO9001 7 level manufacturing standard and inspection process, the USB Cable Related Products launch out for your selection.

USB C Adatper

Goowell Metal Shell USB C to VGA and HDMI Adapter USB-C Multiport Adapter Splitter Cable 0.1M Length

USB C to USB A 3.0 OTG Cable

Purchase USB IF certified chip and produce USB C cable or Type C cables accordingly

Thunderbolt3, USB 3.1 or USB 3.1 Type C Data Cable, USB C OTG Adapter and extension cable, Fast Charge Type C Cable

TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

Cheap Price 60 Hour Life 2000mA Battery Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds TWS LED Digital Display Earbuds

Fluid Silicone TPE 3in1 Cable

Fluid Extra Softly Data Wire Silicone stretchable 3 in 1 Universal Charging Cable Wholesale


Supercallla Magnetic Lightning Cable

All kinds of cables with fashionable design and low cost, portable weight, for your promotion projects as small gifts.

Choose from our current product list or design your own!

Thunderbolt 3 40Gbps Cable

High-Speed Data Transfer Thunderbolt 3 Cables are very necessary for your needs.

Does the laptop need faster speed? Need to connect with 4 display screens at the same time?

No worry, Goowell provides all of them upon your request!


PD 100W Emarker 10Gbps Data Cable

Use with the newest 65W or 100W Fast Charger with USB C port, up to 5A current

Same good quality ABS shell + Strain Relief as Apple cables

Really fast charge and data transfer cable

USB C to USB C Fast Charge Cable

Suitable for Fast Charge Devices with USB C Connector

Charge Laptop and big capacity within a short time

TPE material one-time moulding

Right Angled USB A to Type C Data cable

Specially designed for game lovers

Also a good fit for industrial use devices need to hide the connectors

Left/Right Angle for your choice

Magnetic 3 in 1 Charge Cable

Durable Nylon Braided LED Magnetic USB A to Mirco/Lightning/USB C Charge Cable

Strong Magnetic Force, One Hand Operation

3A/5A Charge Speed available

USB C to USB A 3.0 OTG Cable

Up to 5Gbps Transmission speed, 9 cores support USB 3.0/3.1

Connect Mobile Phone with Keyboard, Camera, U Disk etc. for Direct Pictures Music

Standard Length is 10cm, customized length and colours are for your favourite

USB A to Mini B Printer Cable

Nylon Braided Small Sized Min B Connector

Stylish Design with Reliable Quality

For Printer or Camera or other CCTV Devices with Mini B Connectors

Long Neck USB A to Type C Data Cable

Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi A8 Charge Cable

Narrow but longer neck to ensure more durable bending

Multiple Colors with Metal Shell, nice looking

Spring Metal USB A to Micro/Lightning/Type C Data Cable

Flexible Strong Metal Body Cable with Spring

The metal of Zinc Alloy Covered Connectors for Reinforcement

All Connectors of Different Types


High Elastic TPE Long Neck USB A to USB C Data Cable

Up to 5 colours, Quick Charge with Connector Current for 2.4A

Same material as Apple official silicone mobile phone case, soft and very durable

One-piece Injection to ensure 10,000+ times bending

Lightning to Dual Lightning Splitter Cable

Apple Lightning Audio Splitter

Charge and listen to music at the same time

If with Bluetooth control, then it could be used to make phone calls

USB C to Dual USB C Audio and Charge Cable

Suitable for All Devices with USB C Connectors, USB C Male to 2 USB C Female Adapters

Headphone Splitter Digital Chip

Enjoy your music when you are in a noisy place!

Type C to 3.5mm and USB C Splitter Adapter

USB C Male to 3.5mm Female and Type C Female Splitter Audio Cables, Europe/UK/USA standards

To connect your 3.5mm Headphone or other devices have 3.5mm sockets while charge at the same time, order now!

Apple 5V1A Wall Charger

Apple’s classic 5V1A 5W Wall Charger, Fine Workmanship

Also, Goowell has 5V2.4A 12W and 9V2A PD fast wall charger

Now new 20W launched to market, check with Goowell for prices right now

Keychain LED 1 to 3 Charging Cable

Easy and portable short length keychain style USB A to Micro/Type C/Lightning Charge Cable with LED lights when Power On, Easy to be Seen in the Night

Custom Logo is accepted to print on the Cable, It’s a good choice as a gift.

Apple Lightning Audio Cable Splitter Cable

2 in 1 Apple Lightning Adapter Apple Lightning Female Connector to 3.5mm and Lightning Female Audio and Charge Cables

Enjoy your music with your wired headphone while no need to worry about the loss of cell phone power

Original Apple Chip Lightning to 2x 3.5mm socket Extension Cable

Multi-functions for quick charge, music/movie, sound card insert for live broadcast

Original Chip to make sure a stable and reliable sound quality

MFi certified manufacturer with cheap price, check with us for details



Wired Lightning Headphone

Apple licensed manufacturer

Lighting Headphone with PPID could sell in Amazon, eBay etc.

Black/White colours length 1.27m in total


Magnetic Flow Light 3 in 1 Data Cable

Cable body has fluid LED Lights when Power on, USB A to Micro/Lighting/Type C

Easy to locate the cable during night time

Many colours are available


Flow Light Magnetic 3 in 1 Data Cable

Flow Light LED Luminous USB A to Micro/Lightning/USB C Data Cable

No Dizzying with Light, Good for you who love colourful lights

PVC Injection Dotted Head USB A to Type C Data Cable

Dotted Head PVC One time inner and outer PVC Injection

Standard pure cooper to make sure conductivity and cable performance


MFi 3.5mm Audio Adapter

Have any electronic devices with 3.5mm sockets that need to connect with the iPhone?

If yes, then this 3.5mm adapter will be a good choice.

Type C to Type C, USB A to Type C Data Cable

C to C Fast Charge, A to C Fast Charge

3A/5A For your choice

Popular Cable in the market now

Lightning to USB A and USB C 2 in 1 Cable

Apple Lightning to USB C PD Fast Charge, Normal speed 2.1A USB A to Lightning Cables

A good choice for all iPhone styles from 6 up to the newest version

Lightning to 3.5mm and Lightning Adapter

Flat TPE Noodle+Zinc Alloy Stretchable Lightning to 3.5mm and Lightning Adapter, Splitter Cable

Could also stick on the backside of the mobile phone

Apple Lightning Headphone Adpater, Audio Splitter Cable

Suitable for iPhone 8 or above Series, Lightning to 2 Lighting sockets

Used for Lightning headphone and charge at the same time

MFi Certified Apple Lightning Cable C89 Original Chip

High Imitation E75 Chip, same workmanship and dimension, outlook, material as Apple original too

No pop-up window during charge and data transfer with much cheaper prices

Type C to Apple Lightning PD Fast Charge Data Cable

Support 9V2A 18W Charging Output, PD fast charge protocol

Charge from 0 to 50% within 40 minutes, Choose this cable for your iPhone 8 or above

Reversible Right Angled USB A to Lightning Data Cable

Both USB A and Lightning Connectors could be plugged from either side

Super Soft TPE material cable body, long time to use with reliability

MFi Certified Apple Lightning Cable C89 Original Chip

Always keep some ready stock for C89 original chip purchased from Apple’s distributor in China

To ensure the same manufacturing and testing standards as Apple original products factory

Nylon Braided Type C to Lightning 1M PD Fast Charging Cable

Use with 18W or more output fast charger with USB C socket to support quick charge, 3 times faster from 0 to 50% compare with normal 5w charger

PD 18W Charger + C to Lightning Cable Set

For your convenience, Goowell also produces PD 18W wall charger+ C to Lightning or C to C cable for super quick charge

TWS Bluetooth Earbuds

One time charge standby for more than 3 months if just keep it, hi-fi perfect sound quality from high to low sound

Type C to Apple Lightning PD Fast Charge Data Cable

Apple Licensed C94 original chip as ready stock

Same quality control and inspection system with the USB Data Cable manufacturing process


Nylon Braided Lighting to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

Another MFi certified 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter with Nylon Braided Body, 8cm Long, or custom length will be fine. Adapter or Splitter cable for 3.5mm socket headphones and U-shield from the bank, check with Goowell for a quote.

USB 3.0 A Male to Type C Data cable

9 cores USB 3.0 A Male to USB C up to 5Gbps data transmission cable

with Quick Charge, use with 18W or more power wall charger to save your charging time


USB A to Micro Charge Cable

High Elastic TPE material, soft and durable, 90 degrees both sides angled for game lovers, USB 2.0 data transfer, check with Goowell Now!

1M Grey Nylon Braid USB3.0 A Male to Type C Data Cable

Market Trend for faster data transfer up to 5Gbps, so choose USB C 3.0 to USB A cable right away, check with Goowell for the cable you need with custom colour and length, also with a logo if you like

Apple Lighting charge and Audio Cable

100% Compatibility with iOS systems, charge your iPhone without any Sync issue and plug in your earphone to enjoy music at the same time

USB A to Lightning Bracelet Style Data Cable

Put this cable on your wrist as an accessory, multiple colours to choose and order, good to keep and use when you go out, have M/L/XL and other sizes according to your demands. Have all Micro/Lighting/Type C connectors available.

OPPO Green Connector USB A 2.0 to Micro Fast Charge Cable

3A Fast Charge Data Cable, Use Green connectors normally designed for OPPO, but also compatible with all other devices with Micro Interface. USB2.0 or USB3.0 upon your requirements.

TPE White 1M USB A 2.0 to Type C Fast Charge Data Cable

Another One Time injection tooling USB cable, 2.4A fast Charge, 3FT/6FT/10FT, white/black TPE material with fashionable design, USB 2.0 A Male to Type C Data Cable!

USB 2.0 AM to Apple Lightning 480Mbps Data Cable

USB A to Lightning Data Cable, same tooling for Micro/Type C cables with durability and long usage life. Ensure USB 2.0 of 480Mbps data transfer speed. Check with Goowell for prices now.

USB A 2.0 to USB C/Lightning/Micro Charge and Data Sync Cable

USB A to Micro/Lightning/Type C 3 in 1 cable, but could charge one device each time, Micro Cable is the mainline, to type Lightning/Type C devices, just put the connector on the main Micro connector first

Flat Noddle TPE 1M Cable USB A to Right Angled Lightning Data Cable

Right Angled Lightning Connector with very thin thickness so have no blockage when play games or connect with Apple devices unseen for better operation

Slim and Long Neck SR Nylon Braid 1M/2M/3M USB A 2.0 to Lightning Data Cable

Nylon Woven Reliability and outlook combined design Long Neck 1M/2M/3M design USB A to Apple Lightning Data Cable, Connector with Metal Shell with different colours for your choice

TWS Bluetooth Earbuds Factory China

Metal Case, Light Weight, Long time Navigation, Cheap Price with High-Quality TWS Bluetooth earbud, Ready stock with a patented design

MFi Certified C48 C89 Original Chip USB A to Lightning Data Cable

Apple Inc. certified manufacturer for this USB A 2.0 to Lightning C48 or C89 original Chip, Nylon Braided outer jacket cable, original cable workmanship to ensure the best quality of the Apple Lightning Cable

Apple Original Chip Module Lightning Male to 3.5mm and Lightning Female Audio Cable

Original C101 chip integrated with PCB module so besides listen to music, you could pick up and make phones calls too, sound quality is excellent too.

White TPE 1M USB 2.0 A Male to Lightning Male and Female Audio and Charge Cable

White High Elastic TPE White USB A 2.0 to Lightning Male and one more Female socket for wired headphone, so you are able to use this cable to connect the headphone and charge your mobile at the same time

Alumimum Shell USB A 2.0 to Micro V8 Charge Cable Fan Charge Cable

High-Quality Standard USB A 2.0 to Micro Quick Charge and Data Transmission Cable, for any devices with Android Micro interface, or for small fans charging

Long Neck Nylon Braided USB A to 3 connectors charge and data cable

Long-Necked SR for more bending times and more durable life, this 3 in 1 cable support both charge and Data Transfer, check with Goowell.

Round Headed Metal Shell USB A to Type C/Micro/Lightning 3 in 1 Charge Cable

4 cores Tinned Copper Cylinder Shape Surface Treatment Metal Shell + ABS Connector, 24H Salt and Spray Test, Black/Gold/Red colours with inventory

Gaming Cable USB 2.0 Reversible Right Angled Micro Charge and Data Sync Cable

Both Ends 90 degree Right/Left Angled USB 2.0 A to Micro 2.4A quick charge and data sync cable, black+red colour matching, good for game lovers.

Reversible USB A connector to Type C Data Cable For Fast Charge

USB A Connector is designed for the blind plugin or off, just the same as Type C connector, support 2.4A fast charge, USB 2.0 protocol, could make USB3.0 version for you too

1.2M Blue/Whitle/Red/Black 2.4A USB A to Micro/Type C/Lightning Charge Cable

3 in 1 Universal Data Cable, Cheap Price, Reliable Quality, Large Ready stock,2.4A 100*0.08 wire strand, check with Goowell for Selling price now!

Round Head USB A to Lightning Cable

Nylon Braided Flexible cable with Cylinder Designed Round Headed USB A to Apple Lightning Cable with reasonable prices, stable to charge your iPhone

Cylinder Shape Head USB A 2.0 to Micro Data cable

Cylinder Design Nylon Braided Increased Charge Speed, Longer and stronger SR for Durability and Reinforcement, suggest using with 2.1A with 3C certificate wall charger

Shinning Surface Colorful Alumimum Cover with Cylinder Shape USB A 2.0 to Type C Data Cable

Several colours, fashionable but good to use design, custom cable length and protocol for different charge current and data transfer speed, check with Goowell for Details

Silver TPE USB 2.0 A to Micro and USB C Data Cable

A cable for 1 to 2 charge cable, USB A to Micro or USB A to Type C Data Cable, each time charge one mobile, Soft TPE material, custom length and colour

PU Leathered Flower Printed USB 2.0 A to Type C Cable Samsung cable

Elegant Leather Hand Feel USB 2.0 A to USB C Data Cable, 2A current fast charge USB A to Type C Data cable, for Samsung, Huawei and others

PU Leathered Outer Jacket USB A to Lightning Data Cable

Light or Dark Flower Design, PU Leather Outer jacket, USB A to Apple Lightning Cable, Support 2.1A fast charge and 2.0 speed data sync

Apple Lightning Headphone Adapter, Audio Splitter Cable

One Nylon Braided cable with Dual Lightning Female Sockets, one for Charge to iPhone, the other one for connection to your wired headphone, no pop-up, easy to use.

Slim Long SR Durable 1M Nylon Braid USB 2.0 A to Type C Data A to Type C Data Cable

Standard USB 2.0 data speed Cable with 2.4A Current Fast Charge, Tearable with 5,000 times bending test, Reliable USB A to USB C Data Cable

Gold Plated USB 3.0 A to Type C Data Cable 1M/2M/3M or more

Anti-oxidation gold plated connectors with more expensive cost but better looking and function for your choice, Goowell could change to nickel-plated too, USB A 3.0 protocol up to 5Gbps speed

Goowell Certificates

Manufacturing Process:

    • The finished MFi Certified USB data cable, USB C Data Cable, Micro Cables are all processed in the factory with many procedures
    • Management requirements are very strict
    • The selection of raw materials is also very important, if the selection of good materials, of course, the cost is relatively expensive,
    • Strict specification of fine USB cable factory production process, make the cable quality is very good, long service life.
    • That’s why for the same products, there are cheap ones and expensive ones for sale.
    • A lot of data cables are cheap because the production process is simple and the materials used are cheap and low-end, so the data cable will be easily broken.
  • Plugin and off Test
  • Salt and Frost 24H 48H Test
  • Material conforms to eco-friendly standards
  • EMC Test in CE/FC
  • Factory other tests to make sure shipment goods are in good quality

Here are more products we could produce for you, pleases contact Goowell for more details.

How to Place Your High-Quality USB Data and Charge Cables Bulk Order

Ready To Ship Stock Available, Custom Data Cable and Wire Harness are for your choice

Step 1: Send Your Requirement on USB Cable You Need

Tell us the exact kind of USB Cable you need and give us the qty, Goowell could supply any cables for your project or business.

Step 2: Get A Quote For the USB Cable Wholesale Price

Get a quote from us after confirm every requirement and check the order details for the cable you inquired, Goowell will provide you with a confirmed email with quotation sheet.

Step 3: You place the order

You place the order to us for mass production or sample evaluation first, normally samples  USB cable or wire assembly orders are free of charge if Goowell has ready stock or not difficult for production line to produce your cable order, and you just need to pay the freight.

Step 4: Manufacturing your Data Cable USB or Wire Harness Orders

Your USB Data Cable order will be processed and manufactured in our factory and sales team will keep you updated about the order status during production and communicate for every problem will be encountered.

Step 5: Shipment For USB Data Cables You Ordered

Normally shipment will be made after 10-15 days manufacturing for the USB Cables, or 3-5 days for samples.

Step 6: After selling service

Goowell USB Cable guarantees for 1 year and will contact you from time to time for products feedback or new products introduction.

USB Data Cable Wholesale from Goowell

Your One-stop USB Cable, Custom USB Cable Manufacturer from China

  • No matter what Goowell’s existing USB cables or custom Cables you are going to purchase, Goowell does best to support you buy any connectors USB Data and Charge Cable wholesale through the internet simply, safely with a pleasant experience.
  • Here, please take a look a deep review with our products list below with different USB products (we write some characteristics for nearly every USB cable ), then leave us a message for the cable, adapter, headphone, TWS earbuds, and other unlisted products or custom cables of your interest, to your satisfaction, you will get a quick response and full detailed answer from Goowell staff for the cable you inquired within several hours to meet with your needs thousand times!

Leading Small Batch and Delivery Ability for USB Cables

OEM Packaging with your logo and information on both Product Itself or outer OPP bag or carton box is quite acceptable since we deliberately leave space for logo printing on each cable you are going to order.

1) Screen Printing for your logo (MOQ: 300 Pieces) ;
2) Logo Lazer Engraving (MOQ: 100 Pieces) ;
3) Color box Package/ polybag Package (Min. Order: 1000 Pieces);

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