OTG Data Cable Adapter Type C OTG Cable

Type C to USB3.0 OTG Cable, OTG Cable for USB Type C, USB C to USB OTG Cable
Video Link: https://youtu.be/cdfyXSZ47fQ
◉Support USB Type C Mobile/Notebook/Pad to read U-disk easily
◉USB C to USB 3.0 Adapter – Your Mobile or Laptop Connect U-disk, Mouse, Keyboard, Card-reader etc. And acts as a host
◉No need to waste your internet traffic, just use a U-disk or card-reader to connect mobile, then you could watch the mobiles or review files, photos
◉Support mobile or notepad to connect a keyboard, mouse to type in words or play games with mush much easier operation and faster speed
◉Transfer 1G volume movie within 5s since actual tested transferring speed is 200MB/s.
USB C to USB A 3.0 OTG Cable
USB C to USB A 3.0 OTG Cable

OTG Data Cable  Adapter, Type C to USB3.0 OTG Cable, OTG Cable for USB Type C, USB C to USB OTG Cable, OTG Cable Manufacturer in China 

Smooth Plugin and out, not loose

Long Life without rust, anti-oxidation

USB2.0 and USB3.0 OTG Cable for your choice

Colour: Black and White, or custom

Inner Core: Tinned Cooper

Shielding: Aluminium + Braided

Cable Length: around 15cm

Set Include: 1pc OTG cable in an OPP bag


✷ What’s the difference between USB2.0 and USB3.0?
Both don’t have outlook difference, but USB3.0 has faster transmission speed, please check my article earlier regarding OTG part. USB3.0 will support USB2.0 protocol too.

✷ Could I transfer files on the mobile phone to U-disk?
Yes, after the connection is done, then you could transfer files.

✷ Could it be used to connect with USB headphones?
Sorry no, you need to use another adapter cable to connect USB earphones.

✷Could I plug off the U-disk directly after finish using it?
Yes, you could plug off the OTG cable first, then the U-disk.

✷Is it necessary to open the OTG function on mobile phones before I connect the cable to mobile?
Depends on your mobile phones, most support plug and then use, but some mobile phones need to allow OTG function first.

✷Is it possible to charge the mobile phone when I use this OTG cable?
You couldn’t charge your mobile phone while you are using this OTG adapter, if you need to charge, you need to purchase a OTG cable with one more socket for a charge. Or you connect OTG cable’s USB C to laptop and USB A to charge cable’s USB A male socket, then you could charge the mobile phone.

✷Could this adapter be used to connect with the printer?
No, you couldn’t, the printer will not work.

✷Could I transfer files in mobile phones to Kindle?
It doesn’t support this function. Could transfer to U-disk.

Customer Feedback: 

➸Good workmanship, strong Type C connector, quicker transfer speed, TPE material more durable, white colour looks elegant, USB3.0 connector makes the speed faster! Only one word: Stable!
➸Goowell’s Data Cable quality is good, it will not loose after the connection, you will not worry about storage problem at more.
➸Fast Delivery, Thick cable make you feel the quality is reliable. You have good Quality Control!
➸Tried with Xiaomi 9 and Huawei Mate 30, works goods with affordable transmitting speed. ➸ I am happy with the quality, the current could reach up to 4A! So I am sure the cable material is good!
➸OTG wire is really powerful, it could connect with U-Disk, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, and display devices and more.
➸The quality is the same as description, good to use and reliable.
➸I used it to connect with a digital camera to transfer pictures. Excellent!
➸I used it to connect Guitar Effect to mobile for voice recording, stable transmission and sound quality not affected either.

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